Individual Report– you need to consider the following areas when compiling your report:-

• Overview of the sports organisation.
• Details of the main commercial activity of your chosen sports organisation and how it has developed over the last number of years.
• Analysis and evaluation of the potential for the sports organization to develop commercial activities and justification for the choice of commercial activity. You should include a break even analysis in this section.
• Development of a costed integrated marketing communications campaign and plan of implementation related to one commercial activity.

Assignment Task:
The report will be a maximum of 2500 words. Excessive word lengths will be penalised. The business report will be formal and sections should be numbered. Guidance on this will be given by your tutor.
You are to select a sports organisation of your choice and are to assume the position of a specialist Sports Enterprise Consultant that has been contracted to carry out this activity.
You can choose any sports organisation you wish as long as they carry out or have the potential to develop commercial activity. You may choose a profit making entity or not-for profit organisation.

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