Strategic Management

1.    In your own words and using referenced quotes  describe the difference between ‘business unit level’ strategy and ‘corporate level’ strategy (see Corporate Level Strategy attachment)

2.    Discuss the corporate parenting style of Virgin group.  (see Virgin group attachment)

Note: Question 1 & 2 should take you about an hour. As an indicative guide, based on student submissions from semester 1, this can be completed to a high standard in 300 to 500 words but of course the quality of what is written matters greatly. Use referenced quotes to demonstrate academic reading. Demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the content of the module, the models and theories in particular, and can apply this to a real-world organisation like Virgin.

3.    In your own words and using referenced quotes  describe the difference between organic growth, merger & acquisition and strategic alliance. (see Development Methods attachment)

4.    Give an example of a company that has grown through a) organic growth, b) merger or acquisition and c) strategic alliance (see Development Methods attachment)

5.    Briefly discuss the merger between Britvic and AG Barr.  What advice would you give to the new Board? (see Britvic & Barr attachment)

6.    How can using the Change Kaleidoscope and Force-field analysis help an organisation to deliver its intended strategy? (see Strategic Change Context attachment)

7.    Add your Change Kaleidoscope diagram for Hewlett Packard (Exercise 1 – slide 20 on the Strategic Change Context attachment) to your Learning Journal (see Hewlett Packard attachment)

8.    What are the benefits and drawbacks of taking an ‘emergent’ approach to strategy making? (see Emergent Strategy Implementation attachment)

9.    Did Honda’s entry strategy demonstrate the characteristics of ‘logical incrementalism’? (slide 12 will be helpful)(also see The Honda Story attachement)

10.    In your own words and using referenced quotes  describe what is meant by the term ‘strategic leadership’. (see Strategic Leadership attachment)

11.    Identify two interesting similarities and two differences between the 5      Elements of Successful and Effective Strategic Leadership model and the Transcendent Leadership model

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