Sun Tzu’s Time Proven Military Philosophy

This research paper is a minimum of 2,800 words in length (minus citation and bibliography), and you must consult a minimum of nine academically credible sources (minimum of three primary and six secondary). Bibliographies and citations will be in the Chicago Manual of Style format.

The parameters of this paper are pretty specific and the elements of this paper are proscribed below:

“Picking ONE of the following periods of military history:

500 BC to 1500 AD (Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Western European)
Non-western (Chinese, Indian, Islamic, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese)

Choose one significant military theorist from that period and describe his or her contribution to military philosophy.

Is this person associated with a military treatise and if so, why was the treatise written?
How did technological advancements or limitations of this person’s age shape his or her ideas?
What social latitudes or constraints influenced this person’s military philosophy and the warfare of the age?
Was this person’s ideas well-respected in following periods by other military theorists? Why or why not?
What lessons does this person’s military philosophy impart to warfighting in the 21st century”?

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