Supply chain management and distribution

Each case should be 200-250 words
Johnson Toy Company p.50 – 53 ( 9th Edition )

Question 1: Identify the problems of Johnson Toy Company’s return policy

Question 2: Provide 2 possible solutions to the return policy problems and their pros and cons.

Summary Questions to Chapter One
Question 3: Discuss the SCOR and GSCF models of supply chain management.
Question 4: Discuss the impact of technology on supply chain management

Item Week 4
Case Study:
Just In time System in Kalamazoo p.59-61 ( 10th Edition )

Question 1: If the JIT system is adopted, are the safety stocks of any item that should be maintained? Which one?

Question 2: After JIT system is adopted, what are the possible changes would occur in the relationship between Ballenger’s firm & his supplier?

Summary Questions to Chapter One
Question 3: Identify five information management system & their details on the following, (a) purpose/ usage, (b) example and (c) advantages & disadvantages.

Question 4: What are the benefits in applying technology in supply chain management?

Item Week 5

Case Study:
Handy Andy, Inc. p.147-149 (10th Edition)

Question 1: Is there any customer service problem? If yes, what and why?

Question 2: It appears that the factory distributors are exploiting the smaller dealers. Yet from what we can tell, Handy Andy hasn’t heard any complaints from the smaller dealers. Why?

Summary Questions to Chapter One
Question 3: Define order management; What are the stages of order cycle?

Question 4: How are macro-environmental factors causing organizations and individuals to demand higher levels of customer service?

Item Week 6

Case Study:
Let There Be Light Lamp Shade Company p.234 (10th Edition)

Question 1: How many style A shades can be loaded into an inter modal container?

Question 2: What are the total costs of delivering the style A shades to the port of importation?

Summary Questions
Question 3: What are the building- blocks concept? How is it applied to the handling of packaged goods?

Question 4: What environmentally friendly packaging strategies might a firm adopt?

Item Week 7

Case Study:
Chippy Potato Chip Company p.278 (10th Edition)

Question 1: If you worked for Chippy, what new classification would you ask for? Give your reasons.

Question 2: Classifications are based on both cost and value of services. From the carrier’s standpoint, how has cost of service changed?

Summary Questions
Question 3: What is weight break concept?

Question 4: Discuss the factors used in determining a product’s freight classification.

Item Week 8

Case Study:
Minnetonka Warehouse p.211- 212 (10th Edition)
Question 1: For each of the four work team sizes, calculate the expected number of trucks waiting in the queue to be unloaded

Question 2: Calculate the cost of the four work team sizes.

Summary Questions
Question 3: What are the advantages and disadvantages of private warehousing?

Question 4: Why does warehousing exist in supply chain?

Item Week 9
Case Study: Review

Summary Questions
Question 1: What is inventory management?

Question 2: Define Vendor-Managed Inventory.

Question 3: What is Dead Inventory? Provide examples.

Question 4: Discuss the four (4) types of Inventory Classification.

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