Swot Analysis for Royal Caribbean Internationa Cruise LIne

I am providing you with outline that you have to use in your paper. Please source all information’s that I provide you to a Royal Caribbean Marketing Analyst Davila F Lourdes. Royal Caribbean Cruise Line swot analysis; Strenght; Excellent value proposition for vacations experience. Experienced and seasoned senior management Designer and operator of the largest cruise ships in the world. Currently designing Oasis of the Seas, 40% larger than their largest cruise ships Product differentiation within the cruise industry. State-of-the-art ships, both technologically advanced and energy efficient. Constant product innovation. Weakness: Outdated accounting systems. Aged HR systems. Reactive Culture. Requires documentation and standardization of internal process and procedures. Principal competitor Carnival Corporation. Opportunities: Favorable US$ foreign exchange rates v. local currency of our international shipboard labor force. Un-tapped customers within the international segments. Gaining market share. Our products appeal to a large consumer base and are not dependent on a single market or demographic. Global brands possess the versatility to enter multiple cruise market segments within the cruise vacation industry. Threats; Adverse impact of the continuing worldwide economic downturn Availability of credit for Capital projects (new ships). International political climate, fears of terrorism. Negative incidents involving cruise ships. Vacation industry competition. Fuel cost volatility. Global health outbreaks. Unusual weather conditions–acts of God

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