Taxonomy; Plant and Animal Structure

Admin/Writer: I am requesting your top-notch Biology writer. Please DO NOT assign the writer who suppose to have written order 2252007 and 2253549. Please make sure the writer follows the instructions very carefully and include detailed information for both Assignment 1 and Assignment 2. The writer will need to read Chapers 18, 21, 23,24, 42,and 44. They are in the attached pdfs. The writer will need to use the username and password that I provided in the instructions in order to access the pdfs. The username is "BernadetteAnn.Hadley"; the password is "B3rN@d3tt3". If the writer has a problem accessing the pdfs please contact me ASAP and not wait 3 days from now or a day before the order is due. Admin, I suggest that you also use the username and password to make sure you can access the pdfs before assigning this order to the writer. These are also listed in the original instructions. For the references please have the writer include the full name, year, and page number in the body of the text for the references. Example: Bernadette Kennard, 2010, page 210. Assignment 1 needs 3 detailed paragraphs (1)full page. Assignment 2 needs to be 1 page with the "table" filled in and all the questions answered in detailed information to the questions. Please make sure the writer uses all of the downloaded materials to assist them with completing both Assignment 1 and 2. All the attachments are relevant to this order. WRITER: WHEN SUBMITTING THESE ASSIGNMENTS PLEASE SEPARATE THESE ASSIGNMENTS BY LABELING THEM ASSIGNMENT  AND ASSIGNMENT .SO I WILL KNOW WHEN ASSIGNMENT 1 ENDS AND WHEN ASSIGNMENT 2 BEGINS. The writer needs to include the appropriate references and quoted information with the full name, year, and page numbers in the body of the text what they are quoting. Exmaple: Bernadette Kennard, 2010, page 50. The writer also needs to separate each Assignment reference pages and insert at the bottom of each completed assignment

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