Teacher Expectations for the Disadvantaged

I need to read an article called Teacher Expectations for the Disadvantaged and answer these questions based on the article and put it in the paper.
1) According to Rosenthal and Jacobson, who is the disadvantaged child in America in 1968?
2) What is their hypothesis and what are some of the major questions for education?
3) What is a spurter?
4) What is a self-fulfilling prophecy?
5) What do the authors mean by an “uncontaminated” expectation?
6) What happened with the rat study, what were the results, and why were the rats “uncontaminated?”
7) Describe the Oak School and why it was chosen for the study
8)Create a timeline for the study; note especially the administration of the tests
9)Give the results of the experiments in general and grade by grade
10)Give the results of the questionnaires.
11)Describe and explain the “interesting contrast.”
12)What is hypothesis one and how is it disproved?
13)What is hypothesis two?
14)What is the Hawthorne effect and what are the similarities to this study
15) What do Title 1 funds typically focus on and do the authors think this is a good idea?

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