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Teacher Performance Improvement Plan

Complete a plan that demonstrates your understanding of the objectives of this course. In this paper, you will also demonstrate the ability to analyze the literature relevant to this project. The project must reflect the subject matter of this course and must address all course objectives.
The course project will be broken into five individual components and the final project. Each component will be scored individually. The components include the following:
• Component 1: Promoting a Positive School Learning Culture.
• Component 2: Teacher Performance Analysis Part 1.
• Component 3: Teacher Performance Analysis Part 2.
• Component 4: Professional Development Program Part 1.
• Component 5: Professional Development Program Part 2.
• Final Project: Teacher Performance Improvement Plan.
Components 1–5 will all be a part of the final project. As such, after you receive feedback on each component, you will need to make necessary revisions to strengthen your work for inclusion in the final project. In addition, you must combine the information for each component to create a cohesive overall presentation of the project for this course.

All sources should be no older than 5-7 years unless you are citing a landmark study or foundational theoretical framework.

Also include the following references:
Dash, M. & Dash, N. (2008). School Management. Tabor City: Atlantic Publishers.

Glickman, C. D., Gordon, S. P. & Ross-Gordon, J. M. (2010). SuperVision and instructional leadership: A developmental approach (8th ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Danielson, C. (2007). Enhancing professional practice: A framework for teaching (2nd). Alexandria, VA: ASCD

Daresh, J. C. (2006). Leading and supervising instruction. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin. ISBN: 9781412909822.

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