TEFL activities and Games

For the final project you will individually to create a language activities/games booklet for teachers of English in Saudi Arabia.  The booklet should be designed to address areas of difficulty for learners of English in Saudi Arabia.  You have two options which are:


  1. Five areas of difficulty – 3 activities each
  2. Three areas of difficulty – 5 activities each


Each booklet should contain the following:


  1.          1.         Introduction in which you describe what teachers can expect to find inside including….
    1. Who the activities are intended for (age group/level)
    2. Skills covered
    3.          2.         Table of Contents
    4.          3.         The activities/games
      1. Each activity should be properly labeled with a short introduction to the activity
      2. If there are multiple activity types they should be divided into sections with a title page for each section
      3. A total of 15 activities/games
        1.                                                               i.      At least 10 of the activities/games should be original ideas and 1 can be an adaptation of another activity/game.
        2.          4.         References (if necessary)
          1. Adaptations of other activities should be properly cited
          2.          5.         Final Reflection
            1. This should be at least 1 page typed, using double spacing.  In your reflection discuss what you learned from the course and how you intend to use it in the future.
            2.          6.         Front and back cover
              1. Be sure to give your booklet a title


Note: Since these are games and/or activities, the maximum amount of time for each should not exceed 15 minutes.

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