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Term Paper

this paper is about 5 questions that need to be answered based on the books that are listed below with the chapters that are needed to be read.
1. Calloway, New Worlds for All(Ch1-Ch8)
2. Kolchin, American Slavery 1619-1877(Ch1-Ch7)
3. Ginsburg, Women in Antebellum Reform(Ch1-Ch6)
4. Brown, Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow(Ch1-Ch14)

please make sure to use these books and i will upload the questions and its instructions.
NOTE: you do not need to work cited just answer them based on reading these books


1. All essay exams are due on or before 12:00 pm (noon) on Tuesday, December 13.


2. Turn in hard-copy only; no email submissions. All exams should be typed (computer print-outs), with 12-point font and 1” minimum margins.


3. Turn in exams to Dr. Stamm’s mailbox in the History Department, Room 322 of the Liberal Arts building (on the same floor as the classroom for the class). Ask the secretary for assistance if needed.


4. IMPORTANT: Double-space your answers; single-spaced papers automatically receive a 5-point penalty!!  Print your answers on only one side of the page; double-sided printing is too difficult to grade. Also, do not use folders to encase your exams; staple or use paper-clips. Finally, remember to write your name on every page.


5. IMPORTANT: Each question has a maximum word length. You may write shorter answers, but do not go longer. There is minimal tolerance for too long answers. I do not read beyond the allotted word length, so grades are based on what you wrote within the required space.


5. IMPORTANT: You will need to cite your references used for your information in your answers to the essay questions. For the purposes of this class, please follow the format for citations given in the examples below. This is a very modified version of basic social science writing, but is the easiest to do and takes the least amount of space. Failure to cite sources consistently throughout your essays will result in a 10-pt deduction. Minor lapses result in minimal deductions.


All citations must use a parenthetical format; that is, the use of English parenthetical marks:  (  ).  Place the parenthetical marks at the end of each paragraph and cite all the sources used in the paragraph within the marks.  Do not cite sources within the body of a paragraph at the end of a sentence, only following the concluding sentence of each paragraph.


For citations from either book, use the capital letter that begins each author’s last name—for example, K for Kolchin, B for Brown. Give the page number of the citation following the author identification (capital letter of the last name).  Use commas to separate multiple citations from the same source or with a dash if the citation refers to consecutive pages of the source. Use a semicolon to separate different sources.


Here is an example of a made-up two-sentence paragraph [page numbers are not correct]. Note that the closing punctuation mark of the paragraph’s concluding sentence comes at the end of the closing parenthetical mark.


Debates over slavery became more intense, once abolitionists began their programs in the 1830s. William Lloyd Garrison’s paper, the work of the Grimke sisters, and other reformers provoked southerners to defend their region and to defend slavery (K 200, 204-06; Slides on Pol. Life of Slavery; G 100).


In addition to books, there are several other sources available to you.  PowerPoint presentations can be cited, but only if the slides DO NOT correspond to the books (like the slides on the Political Life of Slavery and the Incorporation of America). Lecture notes may be cited directly and page numbers are not necessary. It is possible that if your paragraph contains information derived from multiple class sources, the parenthetical reference might take two lines to complete.  That is perfectly OK.


6. PLEASE CONFINE ALL SOURCES TO THE ONES USED AND/OR MENTIONED IN CLASS. This should be seen as an aid—there is no reason to do any outside research to help you answer the essay questions.


7. Two final instructions: Remember to include your name on your essay. Also, if you work closely with other student(s) on the assignment, include their names as well.

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