The Accounting Profession and Accounting information Systems Power, managerial behavior and organization design

Organizational Theory in Action
This activity will require that you write a paper on a subject of your choice within Organizational Research and Theory. The table of contents can be used to provide ideas or you may apply this subject to solve a problem within your profession. The topic selected must have a clear link to organizational research and theory. This activity takes the place of a final examination for the course, so the effort and detail must demonstrate mastery of the concepts taught in this course. It must be at least 10 pages in length.

An outline will be provided that needs to be followed. Needs to be in APA format. Here is the outline.

The Accounting Profession and Accounting information Systems “Power, managerial behavior and organization design”

Topic sentence: This research paper will examine the impact of authority structures with the use of AIS for decision management and control.

Thesis:  The study was conducted on hospitals and the role of physician. This paper hopes to show how authority within the hospital may impact physicians more than decision making tools.

Hypothesis: The study is designed to analyze if AISs will impact physician behavior and help in the decision making process.

I.                    Intro

II.                  Theoretical framework

a.       Role of AIS

b.      Authority structures

c.       Formal authority structures and AIS

d.      Informal authority structures in AIS

e.      Organizational outcomes

III.                The research study

a.       Measurement of variables

b.      Formal authority

c.       Design characteristics of the AIS

d.      Use of budget information

e.      Cost conciseness

IV.                Analytical Method and results

V.                  Conclusion

One source needs to be Gareth Jones, Organizational Theory, Design and Change.

Also this source is what I used to help with my outline.

I also need a powerpoint presentation.

Present the information that you gathered in paper through a PowerPoint Presentation. Your assignment is to imagine that you are presenting your analysis to a group of managers facing common issues.


You can assume anything in developing the PowerPoint (person, place, time), however, you must follow your research proposal design. This means that the PowerPoint must discuss essential elements of each section of the proposal, including the budget. It is not sufficient to clip and paste whole sections of the proposal into the PowerPoint, (a funding panel can read your proposal for that). Rather, you must find the key words that succinctly explain your proposed study and why it should be funded.


You are free to design your PowerPoint in any format that you see fit. However, you will be graded on the professionalism of the presentation. Excessive use of clip art is inappropriate in a professional/scientific presentation. You might want to search the Internet for samples of professional and scientific PowerPoint files. Two examples are:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Screening for High Risk Patients by Ellen Warner M.D., Division of Medical Oncology. Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Sciences Center Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Retrieved March 31, 2006 from

NOTE: This is a good example of graphics, text, animation, and clip art use. Remember a PowerPoint presentation should keep the audience’s interest and focus on the central message of each slide. It also is a good example of a review of the literature.

The Impact of the Know Your Health® Program on Underserved Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients in a Community Setting by Timothy Lawther, MPH, MA, Duval County Health Department, Jacksonville, FL presented at the 3rd National Prevention Summit, Washington DC October 25, 2005. Retrieved March 31, 2006, from

NOTE: This is a good example of how to report study findings and its implication for future research and policy making. Of course, your presentation will not have study findings per se but it could have what you expect to find (hypothesis).

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