the bible among the myths

Summary of the Oswalt text, The Bible Among the Myths, an must be at least 11 pages, not including the title page.  Please be sure to summarize each chapter, as well as the introduction and conclusion.
Write a one page summary for each introduction, chapter, conclusion, and postscript found in the books. The summaries can be written as the readings is being done then collected into one coherent paper for submission. Each section should have its own heading in the papers. The major topics discussed in each section of the books should be summarized. These are not intended to be book reviews, but summary re-statements of the author’s works in your own words. Limit direct quotations from the book. Summarize the author’s concepts in your own words.  Add a title page in Turabian format for each Book Summary.  The title page does not count toward the total number of pages. With the exception of the title page, use 1- inch margins all around throughout the body of the papers.

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