The bilingual experience of Arab immigrants in the U.S.

Abstract. Bilingualism is a common phenomenon amongst people living in the United States. A lot of them travel from different countries, they have different cultures, values, and beliefs and speak different languages: Immigrants. Today, in the United States, Arabic community is rapidly growing and their use of English is a necessity and rather critical to accomplish work and everyday living. In focus, most of Arab immigrants learn English before they have made it to America. Although they have been taught English in schools during general education back in their countries, not many of Arab immigrants excel in the English language—in form of speech—as much as they do when speaking Arabic language. Generally, this is an issue because it sometimes generates confusion and disrupts the message intended by the Arabic speaker. Anticipating this problem has derived from multiple factors; most of them are linguistic reasons, but other reasons are probably ethnic-identity related. In the context of my paper, I will examine this issue by researching these books: Handbook of Language and ethnic Identity, The Arabic language and National Identity, The Arabic language in America, Errors in English among Arabic speakers and other resources. I have selectively chosen to begin with those books I mentioned, because they significantly satisfy the interest of my research.

Study Questions:
•    Why do Arab immigrants pronounce some English words improperly?
•    What are the common errors Arab immigrants share when speaking English?
•    Is there a solid correlation between Arabs mother-tongue speaking and their speaking mistakes in English?
•    Do Arabic speakers borrow words from English to Arabic and vice versa or that is not the case?

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