The Communist Manifesto

For an A paper
Demonstrates excellence in grasping key concepts; critiques of materials in the textbook and provides ample evidence of support for opinions argued for; readily offers new interpretations of discussion material presented. Assignments show significant levels of engagement resulting in meaningful reflection; shows an obvious investment of time and effort. Portfolio answers are presented in four paragraphs, consisting of five sentences each, and are relevant to the questions asked. All work meets general academic standards of excellence.

For an B paper
Shows evidence of understanding most of the major concepts, and minimal levels of engagement with the textual material, and provides some evidence of reflection on the material; is skilled in basic level of support for opinions argued for; offers an occasional divergent viewpoint. Shows some creativity and adequate organization in work submitted; demonstrates some amount of meaningful reflection; generally shows good effort at meeting the requirements of the course assignments. Portfolio answers are presented in at least three paragraphs, consisting of fives sentences each, and are relevant to the questions asked. Most work presented meets general academic standards of excellence.

Marx,Karl, The Communist Manifesto

1. Make a reasoned determination at the outset if Marx, Karl work is a dystopia or utopia, and why (make an argument using examples.
2. Identify and Describe at least four dystopic situations present in the chapters under review.
3. Based on the four dystopic situations you identify and describe, try to figure out why Marx, Karl, as a satirist, uses them, and what dystopic situations in his own contemporary England he is trying to make look absurd when taken to its logical conclusion.
4. Are there any utopian elements in Marx, Karl work, that is, things Marx, Karl would have liked to see as an ideal in his contemporary England?
5. Finally, from your perspective, how well did Marx, Karl present either his dystopic or utopic (if any) situations in relationship to his on contemporary situation? Remember that he was writing to a particular audience and trying perhaps to persuade them of dystopic situations in his society that he found absurd. Please give your reasons for your opinions. The web cite is at the beginning of this page.

Must be 4 pages and I will fax over paper work.
Thank You.

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