The Crusaders

Your assignment here is to compare the interpretations of “Crusade” in the histories of Jonathan Riley-Smith (in The Crusades: A Short History) and Thomas Madden (in The New Concise History of the Crusades). You probably would want to start by identifying their respective definitions of the concept of Crusade and determine how these definitions affect their particular interpretations of Crusade history. You may choose to discuss their interpretations of a particular event (or events), their treatment of a particular individual (or individuals), or the ways in which they organized their books. In order to do this effectively, you may want to read additional selections from their books, especially their introductions and conclusions.
The object of the assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of these historians’ interpretations by focusing on the concept of Crusade, comparing the two in a systematic fashion, and by discussing the particular topic of your choice clearly and cogently. You should be able to reach a conclusion about how Riley-Smith and Madden interpret the Crusading movement as a whole.

Requirements: Organize your essay! Be concise! In your paper you should:
1. identify clearly your point of comparison/contrast.
2. identify clearly the sources you are using.
3. organize in a systematic fashion your discussion or argument.
4. always cite evidence for your argument (e.g., “Madden, p. 4”, or “Allen and Amt, p. 117”).
5. relate your conclusion to your introduction.
Plagiarism will result in failure.
plz reply as soon as you get this.
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Write a concise essay of no more than 4 typed pages, double-spaced in 12 pt. font

use the information given from the files i updated to do the papers according to ur outline…

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