The difference between sex and gender

1. Answer the following questions before you write, as a basis for your essay:
o What had you assumed about your topic before (if anything)?
o Why do you think you did not know this information/perspective before? Is this connected to your social location i.e. your gender, race, class, culture, age, dis/ability, or other factors?
o Identify the readings, films, presentations, and points made in class discussions that helped you learn this new information or perspective. Use at least 4 examples from class materials that relate to your topic at least 2 examples should be readings.
o Using both micro levels of analysis (people’s individual experience) and macro levels of analysis (systems of inequality such as patriarchy or racism), how do you think about this issue now?
o How will you use this new knowledge?
o What else do you want to know about this issue? Give 2 additional questions you want to explore.

2. Write a paper (2-3 double-spaced pages) about your new understandings based on your answers to the questions above. The paper must have a clear thesis statement. Use 12pt Times New Roman. Please proofread! Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes will lower your grade.

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