: “The Filibuster”

The requirements for your Research Paper are set out as follows:
The US Senate has had a lot of attention put on the “Filibuster” lately. Your paper will be on the “Filibuster”. Your paper will include: Its origin; the history of its use (past and recent); arguments for keeping, modifying, or ending the ‘filibuster’; your conclusion-stating what you think and why.

You are to write a 4-6 page paper, exclusive of Title Page and Reference Page, on the topic listed below:
The title of your paper is: “The Filibuster”
No other titles or subjects will be accepted.
You will need to use the Internet for your research. Do not copy and paste. That is Plagiarism. The paper must be in your own thoughts and words. You may submit your final paper at any time during the term but not after the deadline date.
Below are guidelines for this assignment. You must follow them to the fullest.

I. Research Paper Requirements:

a.) The paper must be at least 4-6 pages long.
b.) Make sure that you include a Title Page and Reference page.
c.) This paper should also be Doubled Spaced using Times New Roman 12pt. type.
d.) Do not bold type.
e.) You must follow APA 5th Edition format. (See “External Links” on this site which will “link you” to the APA website).
f.) You must use academic journal articles for your research paper.
g.) Place all cites in the body of your paper as well as in your Reference Page.
h.) Page numbers at the center bottom of each page.
i.) Use RELIABLE internet sources and articles, ONLY, and NOT WIKIPEDIA.
j.) Your Paper will have four (4) parts to it, AS DESCRIBED ABOVE: Part I will be “Its Origin”; Part II will be: “Its History”; and Part III will be: “Arguments for Keeping, Modifying, or Ending the Filibuster”; and Part IV: Your “Conclusion” as to which position you think is best for America and why; i.e., Explain why you selected this position in your conclusion.
k.) Save your paper and research material for my review in case any questions arise or there is a discrepancy

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