The Forsaken…. Amercian Tragedy In Russia, Last Two Questions are From Whirlwind…Pearl Harbor.

Answer the following questions. 1. Why were the American citizens willing to immigrate to Russia in the 1930? What were their backgrounds, and what did they have in common?
2. Why was Russia willing to accept and allow U.S. citizens to immigrate to Russia? What motivated the Ford Motor Company? Why were the Russians willing to allow U.s. businesses to establish them selves in Russia?
4.Why was the U.S. government unwilling to help those Americans trying to get out of Russia ? What efforts and attempts did the U.S. government take to protect them? Why wasn’t the U.S. more aggressive on this matter?
5. why has this tragic event been forgotten?

2. What difficulties did the U.S. have trying to operate out of India and China ? What types of problems and difficulties did the U.S. encounter operating from he Marianas and Iwo Jima?

3.What problems did the U.S. encounter in terms of leadership in the air war against Japan? What was the strategy behind firebombing? Was it effective? What other strategies would have been more effective? Did it convince the Japanese to surrender?

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