the movie Doubt

B) On your own, complete watching the film version of the play Doubt. Then, write a paper
in which you compare and contrast one central character from the film with one in the
play Othello. For example, Sister Aloicious may be compared to Iago, and the comparison
could be based upon their individual qualities, or what they achieved by their actions, or
their motivations. Be sure to support your responses with specific descriptions of scenes, or
character actions and lines from the play.
Whichever essay you choose to write, remember that you must identify the text and author or
selections mentioned or quoted in your essay. Also, you must not only quote lines from each
text, you must also explain how they function in the context of each story or poem, and how each
line supports your thesis idea.

Your essay must be a minimum of 800 words, and properly formatted in MLA style with an
appropriate header, page numbers, 1-inch margins, Times Roman, 12 pt. font, and double-
spaced. Be sure to include in-text citations as well as a Works Cited page that includes full
citations for each section of text mentioned or quoted in your essay. It should be formatted
according to MLA style guidelines.

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