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The name of the brand that you will choose

Students critique and discuss articles from the very credible periodicals (mostly non-peer reviewed) such as Wall Street Journal ( YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE WALL STREET JOURNAL or any other periodical. Additionally, you can NOT use a textbook, it must be a periodical. As a general guideline, your grade on this portion will be a function of the quality, (covering the topic and utilizing the text and the article) quantity, and consistency.

Your work Is this
MARKETING ISSUE – When we analyze or look at brand and critically assess them, a very important analysis is the value chain. The brand value chain attempts to assess the sources and outcomes of brand equity. Some of the more critical elements in our analysis should be the product (see companion text, chap 8 table benefits vs features), communications, in the marketing program area (see companion text chap 9 best medium and what promotion is not), the distinctiveness, consistency, and relevance of the program quality and lastly the customer mind set which consists of awareness, associations and attachment. Choose a brand and analyze at least one element of each of these areas of the brand value chain. That is choose a brand from an article that will support your analysis. Trace the brand value in the area by choosing an item I designate above of the marketing program, choose an element above of the customer mindset, and choose an element above of the program quality. Address this issue. This is your H.W using an article for support.
Support your thoughts on the issue with reference to information found in the Wall Street Journal OR another article. Use an appropriate reference and document the reference in APA
citing an article in response to the topic. Clearly identifies key or important information “mostly” in your own words, on topic, and utilizing the text and the article, appropriate citations.

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