Theories of human communication

This is a term paper for a communication course. The paper should talk in detail about three theories in communication. The first theory is Politeness theory, second is communication accommodation theory, and the last one is Weber’s theory of bureaucracy.

Please explain the theories in detail and how are they applied in research and examples of those researches.

The sources that are used for this paper must be either books or peer reviewed journal articles.

The books that should be used as main sources are the following
1- Theories of Human Communication by Stephen W. Littlejohn and Karen A. Foss
2-Organizational Communication, Approaches and Processes by Katherine Miller. 6th ed.
3-Engaging Organizational Communication, Theory and Research, Multiple Perspectives. By Steve May, Dennis K. Mumby.

You can also use sources up to 8 more sources but as mentioned, must be either books or peer reviewed journal articles. Always cite the your information and the page number when presenting information and ideas.

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