Thinking Critically About Ethics

In this graded project, you�ll be asked to review a scenario involving a paralegal working in a law firm, and identify the ethical rules the paralegal and/or the attorney violated.
Carl recently completed his training to be a paralegal and has taken a job with the law firm of Dewey, Dewey, and Howe. We�ll observe Carl during his first week at work to see how well he learned the rules about legal ethics.
At the end of the narrative for each day, you�ll be asked for �Comments.�
You should describe all possible ethical violations that occurred on that day, citing
(1) ABA Model Rules that apply and
(2) NFPA Ethical Considerations that apply
It is not necessary to write out the rule and ethical consider- ation. Just provide the applicable number and section which identifies the Rule(s) or Ethical Consideration(s).
At the end of this booklet, you�ll be asked to provide your comments for each day. Write or type your answers. When you�ve completed all sections of the project, send in your answers to the school for grading. Please send in hard copy� do not send your answers on disk.
Refer back to your Ethics and Professional Responsibility study unit to help you respond to the scenarios.

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