Article Review

Anatomy and Physiology Health-Related Articles:
Each student has the option of finding and writing a summary of five newspaper, magazine, or journal articles.  Each article must deal with the subject matter that has been covered in designated unit.  The articles should be at least one page in length.  The summary should always be shorter than the article.  The articles are due the day of the unit tests, and prior to taking the test.  The students should cut out the article, photocopy, or print the article and attach it to the back of the summary.  The article summary must include a bibliography of the source, even though it is attached.  You should use APA style to ensure that your citation of the source is correct.
The article should be taken from an original source. It may not be a synopsis of an original article.
The article does not have to be technologically advanced or complex, it just has to be current.  The article cannot be older than one year.
The student is to follow Appendix I of this syllabus.  Failure to follow instructions will result in no credit.
The paper must be typed by the student.  It cannot be a “cut and paste” from the Internet.
The summary should be done on an individual basis and should not involve the collaboration with any other person.  The student should learn through the experience of evaluation of the article.

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