: Tom Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat and Crowded”

Find and analyze examples of the following theories and terms in Tom Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat and Crowded.” You must have some examples for each theory/term. The examples should come from the broad range of the reading- NOT one or two chapters.

Show how these theories and terms and examples are part of his larger argument (i.e. the ‘08 financial meltdown that begins the book is symptomatic of much larger issues). Show that you understand Friedman’s important points regarding both problems and solutions by including the following theories and terms:

1)      Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. In what ways have these needs gotten us into a pickle and in what ways could they be better met to pull us out? In what ways could these needs come into conflict in the issues Friedman discusses? What human needs does Friedman appeal to in order to “frame” and sell his arguments? Provide specific examples.

2)      Game theory and the social dilemma. How is the social dilemma seen in Friedman’s book? (You might also consider different types of social dilemmas such as The Tragedy of the Commons and the Parable of the Tribes). Does he offer effective ways to resolve the social dilemma in dealing with climate change?

3)      What role does Friedman see for collective action? What solutions does he offer for the collective action problem? Could they be effective? (This is similar to the social dilemma. If everyone or large majorities act together, much can be done. But the success of collective action rests on many individual decisions and people have unequal amounts of motivation, time, energy, etc.)

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