Top bankers are special—and their clients recognize it, do you measure up

Here are seven things that top bankers do to stand out from the crowd:
1. They convey something relevant—ideas, industry information, partners—to every client or business. That means that Bankers prepare before they make calls or follow up with every customer with some type of product recommendation saving customer time, money, earn extra money, or save some money.
2. They focus all discussion on their customer’s needs, not on bank products.  In the initial conversations with a client, bankers express the banks short-, medium- and long-term strategic goals to help them.  i.e.: Mr./Ms. Customer we are here to grow our relationship with you.
3. Top Bankers position the bank’s capabilities before there’s an explicit need. And they don’t operate under the illusion that their consumer/business customers know everything that the bank can do, particularly in “non-traditional” areas like savings, investments, leasing, insurance, etc.
4. They leverage Senior Management! In some instances top Bankers call upon their bank managers to open doors with company brass; in other situations they use them to solidify their position with a long-term customer.  The best Banker is never afraid to ask for help.
5. They conduct regular relationship reviews of their top clients with their partners. But it’s not just an intramural exercise—they share their thoughts with customers in formal meetings and solicit feedback threw contacting about how things are going. (Savvy Banker usually knows when the best time for these discussions are, tying it to the client’s planning cycle mid-year, Annual or quarterly etc.)
6. Top bankers take a longer term view on building relationships and in the short term view recommend convenience products allowing the customer to focus on their business instead of the banking. They think about where they want to be with a prospect 6 months, 1-2 years down the road and plan accordingly. If you ask them what their calling strategy is for the next 3 meetings with a prospect, you’ll be surprised at how specific their objectives are.
7. They win “mind-share” first by sharing insights and expertise.  Most know how to engage in banker about sports and other “rapport-building” topics, but they realize that schmoozing doesn’t score lots of points with C-level executives.

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