Tourism, Parks, and Recreation Ministry

Part 3 Business Plan (NOTE:  ANY WORD FOR WORD COPYING FROM MINISTRY BUSINESS PLANS will not be accepted.  Anything more than a direct quote of the mission statement (properly cited) will be considered plageurism and receive a mark of 0)
Including the Following Headings:
1).  The Ministry – describe what programs will be delivered by the ministry.  As a result of the reduced budget, it may be that your recommendations in Part 2 resulted in some programs being eliminated or substantially reduced.  If this is the case, then you need to be clear on identifying what has changed.
2). Mission – if your mission is exactly the same as the previous business plan then you must show in quotation marks, footnote and cite the reference in your bibliography.  I would suggest that your mission may have changed as a result of your budget reductions so probably better just to re-write a new mission based on your new level of service that you will be delivering to Albertans.
3).  Clients, Partners and Stakeholders
There may be changes here as well as a result of budget cuts.  Only list those partners and stakeholders that you plan to continue to serve.
4).  Goals
What will be the new goals of the Ministry based on the 5 or 10% reduced budget that you identified in part 2.
5).  Significant Opportunities and Challenges
You identify these based on your research  and knowledge of the current Alberta economic situation.
6).  Strategic Priorities
You identify your priorities based on the new reduced budget level
7).  Performance Measures
Note:  These may be similar to the previous year’s Business Plan if this makes sense or you may add your own new measures

8).  Expense by Core Business (Show 2009-10 Estimate from last year’s Business Plan), 2010-11 and 2011-12.
Note:  If your Ministry has revenues, include these as well in the Business Plan
Revenues            2009-10        2010-11        2011-12
Federal Government        100,000            5,000               5,000
Fees and Charges          50,000             50,000             50,000
Total Revenue            150,000        55,000            55,000

Program A            200,000        190,000        190,000
Program B            100,000          90,000              90,000
Program C              75,000                0                        0
Total Expenses            375,000                 280,000                               280,000
Net Expenses            225,000                 225,000            225,000
==========         ==========        =======

Guideline for Length 10 Pages

i did Tourism, Parks, and Recreation Ministry in the last assignment so this on will pest in same topic

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