Trend Paper

  1. Fire Chemical System in Hospitality
  2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hotel Renovation
  3. Elevator-maintenance contract management
  4. Groundwater and Grey Water
  5. Water Conserving Ice Machines
  6. Preventative Measures and Emergency Plans For Natural Disasters in the Hospitality Industry
  7. Challenges of Water Safety and Quality in Developing Countries
  8. Threats & Vandalism
  9. Elevator and Escalator Components, Application & Maintenance
  10. Methods and Challenges in Hospitality Water Heating
  11. Hospitality Centralized Heating System Trends
  12. Water Quality Challenges in Swimming Pools, Spas, and Water Features
  13. Elevator/Escalator Safety and Emergency Response
  14. Fire Chemical System in Hospitality
  15. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hotel Renovation
  16. Elevator-maintenance contract management
  17. Bomb Threats
  18. Fire Safety, Prevention, and Trends in Hospitality
  19. Energy Conservation in Order to Achieve Net Zero Consumption
  20. Cooking Equipment Considerations in Large Hotels
  21. Sustainable Laundry Systems
  22. Total Water Systems for Water Minimization, Water Reuse and Recycling
  23. Cooking Emissions and the Change to Sustainable Equipment
  24. Bomb Threats
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