Urban Studies

Public Hearing Summary. (Due: March 19, 2013) For this assignment, you have to be very active and patient. Always look out for a meeting from the beginning of the semester. Pick a public meeting that deals with planning issues, and attend the whole meeting. This meeting can be a City Council, Planning Commission, Development Review Board, Board of Adjustment, Village Planning, or Neighborhood Association meeting. Check the city’s website and search for: Public Meetings Many cities will have the agenda listed just before the meeting for you to download and review. You should start looking for a meeting or two to attend that interest you and that you can fit into your schedule asap. You should have attended your meeting, and have a rough draft of your paper done before too late. Please do not wait to attend meetings until early November. Then it will be too late for this assignment. Meetings do get cancelled and that is not an acceptable reason for not completing the assignment. DO NOT CHOOSE A MEETING THAT IS A WEEK OR LESS before the paper is due! The paper you write should be 4-5 pages in length, double spaced, and 12 point. Make sure your name is on every page, and that the paper is stapled. It is not necessary to have a coversheet for this class. (save a tree!). Two thirds of the paper should discuss the overall meeting. Think about the following questions and answer at least 3 of them: 1. Is the meeting going smoothly or what improvements could be made? 2. Are there people attending the meeting that surprise you? Describe them. 3. Find out what the process to speaking at the meeting is. Is there a speaker card that needs to be filled out, for example? Is there a time limit for public participation? The last one third of your paper should be a summary of the meeting and the outcome of the agenda items.

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