Vacuum cleaners

You work for a company that sells water vacuum cleaners (vacuum cleaners with aqua filter). Your task is to persuade your potential client to buy this product. Do not use a name of a real company and brand of a vacuum cleaner, provide the fictitious names.
To write a sales letter, you should:
1. Start with a polite, but concise greeting.
2. Grab the reader’s attention with the first sentence of an introduction. Introduce the reader to your product and demonstrate its benefits and uniqueness.
3. Establish your credibility, show that you are a professional in this field and familiar with the market.
4. Create a state of urgency. Why should a potential client purchase a vacuum cleaner of your company as soon as possible?
5. Ask your reader to take action. Create a sense of need and explain that positive results will occur immediately after buying your product.

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