Vote Fraud in Venezuela

Your papers need to be well-organized and structured
–    Introduction    : The section where you explain the main topic you cover and the specific aspects of the case that you will focus on throughout the paper. In this section, it would be good to give a short background of the conflict you picked for introductory purposes, not more than a paragraph or two.
–    The Body    : This section is where you critically discuss your case in relation to theoretical and conceptual discussions we had in class, and make your “own” arguments. This is an opinion paper. What matters for me is your take on the topic. You may include charts, tables if you see necessary. They won’t be counted as part of your page limit.
–    Conclusion    : This is the last section of your paper where you wrap up your arguments and present your opinion about the future prospects concerning your case or the possible direction(s) that your conflict is headed or possible solutions that you foresee.

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