Westney computer analytiks

Marilyn Gaffson is a cost accountant for Westney Computer Analytiks, a technology company in Tuscan, Arizona.  One of her responsibilities is to make future sales and profit projections.  Back in April 2013, Marilyn made a highly favorable projection of sales and profits over the next 3 years for Westney’s new generation computer, W E S T I K S.    Marilyn presented the projections to senior management who decided to expand projection of the computer.  This decision led to dislocations of some plant personnel who were reassigned to one of the company’s newest plants in Bryan, Texas.  Fortunately, no employees were terminated.  In fact, an additional 200 people were hired at the Texas facility.
Last week, on Tuesday May 21, Marilyn rechecked her computations on the projections.  Unexpectedly she found that he had made an error that should reduce her projections substantially.  It is very fortunate, however, that sales of W E S T I K S computers has exceeded projections thus far and management is very pleased with the decision.
Marilyn is not sure what to do now.  She wonders if she should confess her honest mistake and jeopardize any possible promotions.  She reasons that no one will catch the error because the sales of W E S T I K S have greatly exceeded her projections.    What’s more interesting is that it appears that profits will materialize close to the projections.
Write a memo to Marilyn Gaffson.  Address the following questions about which Ms. Gaffson has concerns:
1.  Who are the stakeholders in this situations?
2.  Identify the ethical issues involved in this situations.
3.  What are the possible alternative actions for Marilyn?
4.  What do you recommend that Marilyn’s should do?

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