what is a person’s responsibility when another’s human rights are being violated?

The one main source that is needed is the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel and you can use quotes and paraphrasing in the essay. the two other sources that are needed can be from any major news source story on the internet (CNN, BBC, etc.) this is the prompt: write a multiparagraph essay in which you explore what several texts have to say about the essential question (what is a persons responsiility when another’s human rights are being violated?) synthesisze ideas presented in the text by discussing how each text responds to the ideas presented in the others. demonstrate effective writing skills (sentence fluency, voice, word choice, and conventions). Use mla and include a correctly formatted works cited page. th tesis and essay should answer the essential question insightfully. the sources that youre going to need, they need to have some story where it shows bystander apathy which is where for example if a person is getting raped, if there are a lot of people involved, theres a less chance of someone calling 911 and they would feel less responsible because they feel secure in numbers. it could also include getting orders from a superior power and doing horrible things (holocaust or book Night) because they feel that the responsibility is with the superior power. writer shoudl insightfully introduce his’her voice in the “conversation” by questioning, responding to and drawing conclusions from the texts. it shoul have a powerful conclusion. and also the whole essay should be written well but also keep in ming im in 9th grade so easy on the big words. and ya just make it sound really good and ya thank you.

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