why do several developed nations have universal health coverage, while the United States does not have it?

(1 to 2pgs)
–Each paper’s introduction should introduce the reader to the topic area, and the paper should be numbered at the bottom middle of each page.
Statement of the Problem (approx. 1pg):
–Tell the reader specifically what problem of you are trying to investigate, and why research is needed in this area.

Research Questions and Hypotheses (1-2 pgs):
–Students must conceptualize 2 to 4 clear research questions and hypotheses that will frame their discussion.

Literature Review (no longer than 9 pages):
at least ten academic or professional sources (this must include a minimum of 5 books, the rest can be journal articles /book chapters), the student must summarize the work of each author. Each summary should indicate what the author(s) is studying, how she or he studied the topic, and
what were the author’s findings (½ to 1 page for each author).

Methodology Section(approx. 1 pg):
The student should indicate the following: whether the
paper is quantitative or qualitative; identify the data sources employed in the paper; and list what the scope or range of the paper is (for example, the years or region that paper covers).

Analysis Section (no less than 9 pages):
Based on your data or primary source(s), what were your
findings? Were your hypotheses confirmed or rejected?

Conclusion (½ to 1 page):
–Your conclusion should summarize the major findings of your research, and discuss any prospects for future research

Students must have at least twenty sources in their bibliography, and  must
use Chicago/Turabian Citation Format, and pages must be numbered at the bottom middle of each page.

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