Why we Suffer

First paragraph should start with why “I take the problem of suffering seriously”.  Paper should include why if there is an all powerful, all knowing, and all loving god in this world, why is there so much excruciating pain and unspeakable suffering? Why doesn’t God intervene to alleviate this suffering?  The reality of suffering makes it difficult to reconcile the claims of faith with the brute facts of life.  One of the resources that has to be included in this reflection paper is the book “Night” by Elie Wiesel evaluating the “free will” Theodoric’s relevance to both moral and natural evil/suffering.  Also needs to be included which of the particular biblical understandings of suffering speak to/for you?  I am baptist so please refer the paper as a baptist christian. Also needs to be included from the book “The Sacred Quest” one of the four responses to suffering/evil do you resonate with the most if at all.  In short communicate in writing your response to the question: Where is God in the midst of suffering?  be sure to tie in Night along the way.

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