Why We To Care About the Environment (Argumentative)

Writing Project 3: Critical Annotated Bibliography


Once you have settled on a topic for your researched argument paper, establish a starting point for your research. Your textbook advises you to

Form a Set of Research Questions

Begin by writing out a few questions to guide your research process, questions related to the topic you are investigating or to the argument you plan to advance. Research is more productive if it is focused on finding answers to specific questions. (434)

Be sure to examine only academic sources. See page 437 for criteria of distinguishing between academic and popular sources.


For this project, you will:

1. Locate at least eight good quality, scholarly research sources

At least one of your sources must be a print source (a journal pdf file from an index is acceptable)

At least one of your sources must be an online source: Electronic sources may NOT be search engine sites, portals, directories, indexes, or lists of links; they must be content sites.

2. Compile a critical annotated bibliography

Citations must be in MLA format (see Citation and Annotation Format Example)

Annotated bibliography- evaluates sources for accuracy, currency, or bias. Annotations must evaluate the quality of the source as well as summarize the content (see Annotation Tips and Annotation Examples)

3. Write a two page introduction (minimum 600 words) in which you explain your search strategy and your plan for using your sources in your researched essay (see details bellow and see Introduction to Bibliography, posted as a resource document under WP3).

The research you conduct for your annotated bibliography will be the foundation for the research needed for Project 4.

Format: MLA Style: The usual requirements for general formatting

Other Formatting Requirements:

Title = Annotated Bibliography: Your Topic

Introduction: An annotated bibliography commonly includes an introduction that explains what its topic is and provides any necessary background information that would help readers in deciding whether or not the bibliography would be helpful to them. Write an introduction to your bibliography that explains to me what your specific topic is by 1. Identifying your research question(s),and 2. Explaining how the sources you have chosen will provide the information you need to write an argument essay that answers your research question. If you plan to use additional sources that are not listed on your bibliography, or if you are aware that there is other specific information that you have not yet located, you should explain this also.


Write and arrange the bibliographic entries (citations) in MLA style with a hanging indent (double spaced).

Organize citations in alphabetical order.

Follow each citation with your annotation: Begin a new line and indent the first line of each paragraph.

Double-space throughout.

Length: The length of your annotation will vary somewhat depending on the source itself, but each should consist of at least one substantial paragraph – approximately 100-200 words.

Project Components (submit all as attachments):

-Rough draft containing the introduction and the annotated bibliography with Smart thinking feedback.

-Final draft containing: the introduction (formatted as an essay), the annotated bibliography (with its own title).

ONE LETTER GRADE DEDUCTION for each of the following problems:

– Essay or bibliography does not follow the basic formatting MLA requirements

– Final draft is not a true revision (feedback not taken into consideration)
I have six sources I™d like to include, if you can please find two more.
1. Threats to Food and Water Chain Infrastructure  By Virginia Koukouliou, Magdalena Ujevic and Otto Premstaller
2. Air pollution modeling and its application – By Douw G. Steyn and S. Trivikrama Rao

3. UV radiation in global climate change – by Wei Gao, Daniel L. Schmoldt, James R. Slusser

4. Improving the energy performance of buildings : learning from the European Union and Australia  By Charles P. Ries

5. Small Changes on a Massive Scale  By Brendan Buhler

6. The Story of Stuff  By Annie Leonard

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