world History civilizations to 1500 for undergrad- college.

Your answers should be double spaced in Times New Roman font with at least informal
citations (author and page number for a book or reading, or if from a lecture or film say
which one). These are due in the D2L dropbox by the time and date listed above.

General advice on writing:
1. The introduction must introduce your essay. After reading your introduction I
should have a clear idea what question you are responding to, what your argument
will be (this is referred to as your “thesis statement”), and how you will make
your argument.
2. Use the language of the question in your answer. If the question asks about
“important transformationsin human physiology and social organization,” then
you should use these terms in your response.
3. Be precise with your language. Do not use absolutes like always, never, forever,
everyone, no one, etc. unless it is actually demonstrably true. In conversation we
use hyperbole and overstatement to make points, but in academic writing you can
only make statements that can be backed up with evidence.
4. Display your understanding of both big concepts and particular details. If you are
making an argument about the role of universal religions in the rise of empires
then you need to be able to write in broad terms about the role of these religions
in empires while also describing how this worked in the specific case, for
instance, of Buddhism in Tang Dynasty China.
5. Outline before you start writing. Before you begin your essay you should already
have a clear sense of what information is going to go in what paragraph and what
evidence you are going to use in each paragraph.

the question is:
Part Six: Chapters 13-15
15. What role does the environment play in human history? Is history shaped
primarily by humans or by factors like the environment and nature that are largely
out of our control? Feel free to expand your discussion further back into the past.

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