World Population-Presentation or Speech

12 SLIDES WITH SPEAKER NOTES: You have been asked to prepare a presentation to present at the next meeting of the World Population Council on why fertility rates in developing nations remain significantly higher than fertility rates in developed nations. As a typical example, the fertility rate in Canada is about 1.6; conversely, the fertility rate in Pakistan is about 5.6.

Your presentation should provide evidence of any co-relation between mortality rates and fertility rates in developed and developing of nations. You will also address cultural issues that effect family size, as well as social mores regarding contraception in developing and developed societies.

Instructor Comments: Set up a slide show in Microsoft Power Point. The slides should have minimal text and the notes section should describe every bullet on the slide. The presentation should be arranged so that you could give the slides and notes to a coworker and they would give the same presentation you would give by reading the notes. PowerPoint presentation assignments must include at least two creditable sources listed on the reference slide in accordance with APA guidelines. You must include in-text citations (on the slides when needed) in the notes section of the presentation for each source listed on the reference slide. Please discuss the information outlined on the slides in the notes section (speaker notes) of each slide.

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