Instructions for Essay Sets
The purpose of the essay sets is to give you a chance to analyze and reflect on the material we have read and have discussed in class. Each essay that you write should be organized around an argument. Argument does not mean quarrel or disagreement in this context; it means a process of reasoning. In other words, you should choose what you believe to be the key point(s) that address the issue raised in the question, present your argument, then structure the essay to provide the evidence to support your argument. If you are familiar with the five-paragraph essay format, that would be a good model to follow in structuring your essays.

You are required to give evidence from the class readings to support the points you are making. Use parenthetical citations to cite evidence from the readings, as discussed in points 20-22 of the Guidelines for Papers. Be careful to present your evidence without plagiarizing; again, see points 20-30 of the Guidelines. If there are no citations from the readings in your essays, we will automatically deduct 20% from the total possible grade. However, while it is important to provide evidence from the readings, be sure that your own ideas come through as well. Don’t simply repeat what other authors said.

To cite information from a lecture or class discussion, use a parenthetical citation that says Lecture, then the date of the lecture. For example, (Lecture 9/4)

It would be OK to incorporate evidence from sources outside of our class in your essays. However, the bulk of the evidence that you present should come from class information readings, lectures and discussions. Also, if you incorporate evidence from outside sources, be sure they are credible sources. Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. See points 22 and 23.

I will be using the points on the Guidelines for Papers handout to evaluate your essays. We will discuss the guidelines in class; a copy is posted on Blackboard. I expect you to make an effort to follow the guidelines, and will mark down for substantial and/or persistent errors. If you would like some assistance with your writing skills, be sure to check out the Writing Center (see class syllabus for more information).

For these essays, please do not put your name on the paper, or in any headings. Instead, put your student ID number on the paper.

Please submit your essays in two formats: a paper copy and an electronic copy.
For the paper copy, please print your essays so that each essay starts on a new piece of paper, with a complete heading. We may be pulling your pages apart so that the instructor grades one essay, and the graduate student grader grades the other
For the electronic copy, use the SafeAssign feature of Blackboard to submit your essays. Please submit just ONE file for each essay set, with both your essays included.

Essay Set #1: World War I and the Settlement
Due Tuesday, September 23; worth 20% of your class grade
Choose any TWO of the following topics to write on. Write TWO essays, one for each question. Each essay should be 2-4 pages long, double-spaced. Please do not write more than four pages in response to either question we can all afford to emulate the exquisite conciseness of Michael Howard!

1. In what ways does World War I deserve to be called a war?
2. According to Macmillan, how did the settlement in the Middle East after World War I reflect both pre-war concerns and post-war realities?
3. Discuss at least three significant impacts of World War I on civilian populations. Were these impacts temporary (lasting only for the duration of the war), or did they have longer-term effects?
4. How did World War I affect the balance of power in Europe?
5. Imagine that a Briton, a French citizen, a Russian and a German were sitting at a table in 1920 arguing over whose nation had suffered the most from World War I. Write an imaginary dialogue in which each presents his/her case to the others.

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