Write an essay analyzing an aspect of Brave New World

Write an essay analyzing an aspect of Brave New World using at least three secondary sources (other readings) and an original thesis.

Suggested Quote Breakdown: Use 6-7 quotes from the novel and 4-6 quotes total from the three other readings.

1984  and Brave New World both offer a vision of a future society in which current problems are magnified.   The following topics are explored by both Orwell and Huxley:  human life/death/humanity, conflicts between community and freedom, privacy and the individual, love and marriage, the role of science, technology or religion in society, the consumption of goods, use of drugs or alcohol, class systems/power, manipulation of language, and pleasure/self-indulgence or deprivation/punishment.  Choose one or more of these themes and explain its significance in the novel(s) and if relevant, its significance to present day.

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