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Prepare a report concerning macroeconomic issues faced by a firm of your choice (Macy’s, Bank of America, etc)
1. Start by discussing the firm and key statistics such as sales, market share, industry etc. However, your main focus will be on analyzing two macroeconomic variables in detail and how these variables affect the firm.
2. Concentrate and pick two macroeconomic indicators of your choice that appear to have the greatest impact on the firm.
For each economic indicator, answer the following:
1. who writes the report for the economic indicator?
2. how is the economic indicator calculated and organized? is it based on solid and reliable statistical data?
3. what has happened to the economic indicator over the past two years? please find a graph or chart showing the history and paste it in the paper
4. what is happening to the macroeconomic indicator today?
5. what is your 12 month forecast for the economic indicator and why?
6. does the economic indicator really tell us the truth or is the government lying to us?
7. identify a relationship to other economic indicators, such as how u.s. consumer confidence relates to retail sales and unemployment rate
8. does the indicator have a heavy impact on the firm and is there a correlation to the firm’s sales, growth, and market share?
9. what recommendations would you make to the firm’s senior management?
10. if you choose a public company, do you feel the stock is a good investment? if it is private, would you invest?
11. be creative and add any other information you would like.

The example the teacher gave us has a page of the history and about two and a half pages of each economic indicator. The paper is written in a research paper format, so it is not a list. Thank you! 🙂

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