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1. What are the implications of finite mineral supplies? How should we
address impending shortages?

2. What is your opinion regarding the use of nuclear power as a source of
energy? Describe the process involved in the nuclear reaction and justify
your position, citing advantages of and disadvantages of the use of
nuclear power.

3. If we continue to use fossil fuels at the rate we are currently using them
we will need to open areas like ANWR (Alaskas Artic National Wildlife
Refuge) and additional sites in the Gulf of Mexico. Do you think this is
desirable? If not, what effects might the failure to find such supplies have
on our life and on the lives of our children or grandchildren?

4. Which of the alternate/renewable energy sources do you think is the
most viable for a country like the United States? How about a country
like India? Identify the type of resource and provide a detailed
explanation to support your position.

5. Using the four scientific principles of sustainability, describe how
Iceland’s pursuit of a renewable energy economy applies.

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