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Book used: The Little, Brown Reader. by Stubbs, Marcia, & Sylvan Barnet. Boston: Longman, 2012. Print.

Answer the following questions. PLEASE NUMBER YOUR RESPONSES!! Include quotations from the readings in MLA format.

1. In a sentence, summarize Goleman and Norris’ argument in “How Green Was My Bottle” (544). Do you agree or disagree with their thesis? In a paragraph, explain your response.

2. List some of the differences between industrial farms and family farms included by Niman in “The Carnivore’s Dilemma” (553).

3. Of the readings by Abbey (542), Goleman and Norris (544), Gore (547), and Niman (553), which one do you appreciate the most and why? Which one do you appreciate the least and why?

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