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I need a writer proficient in accouting, please.

1. I choose the “open an online store” as my investment alternative to analyze.

2. for the paper instructions, please see the upload materials.

3. 3 pages writing and 1 page graphs, charts, or excel, etc.

4. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 206-618-8986 after 10am.


Sorry for the late uploading.  Here is more information/instruction about how to write the Cost behavior assignment.  Please follow this instruction and more that I uploaded yesterday!  And please follow the FIRAC.  This is the very important paper.

Thank you very much!


Instruction is from the instructor, please follow.


Title Cost Behavior assignment




Body Some additional explanation for those looking for it: The paper should be in the form of a business memo, like the sample that I posted to our website. Big picture, you need to perform analyses to determine what the Net Operating Income of the sandwich shop is currently and what it is expected to be give the expansion option you have chosen. You also need to make a recommendation as to whether or not the expansion is a good idea. On a more detailed level, you need to discuss the various costs involved, examining why they are projected to behave in the specific manner that I’ve provided. You may also wish to discuss ways to improve the results or limit costs based on the behavior that you’ve identified.



3 pages writing and maybe 1 or 2 pages graph, chart, excel, etc.

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