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These are the few key points to help you write about myself. I am going work with you to make this a great personal statement.


My name is S. Uddin.  I have graduated with a bachelor degree in Medical Technology.

Currently, I work at food service related company and I wish to start going to medical school soon.

I have never seen my dad walk as a normal person. He was paralyzed before I was born. He was paralyzed with

Quadriplegia / Tetraplegia: is when a person has a spinal cord injury above the first thoracic vertebra, paralysis usually affects the cervical spinal nerves resulting in paralysis of all four limbs. In addition to the arms and legs being paralysed, the abdominal and chest muscles will also be affected resulting in weakened breathing and the inability to properly cough and clear the chest. People with this type of paralysis are referred to as Quadriplegic or Tetraplegic.  Source: (http://www.apparelyzed.com/quadriplegia-quadriplegic.html)


My dad passed away with cancer when I was ten years old without any kind of cancer treatment.

I have always wanted to become a doctor and treat people that are in need of medical help around the globe and I hoped to open a clinic in the village where I was born, to help those I have seen suffering because of lack medical treatment.

I grew up in a big and poor family with ten siblings in a small village. I am the first and youngest child of my parents that is thrilled to have the opportunity to go to college with a strong desire to becoming a future doctor.

My family luck had changed when my oldest brother won a lottery to come to America.

I have learned to help people by helping my dad at very young age to get him around our village after my older was able to effort to buy my a wheel chair.

I am really passionate about helping people and my becoming a doctor I know I can make a huge difference in health care community and patients life.

I knew I wanted to become a doctor since I was old enough to understand the medical needs for my dad and people in my village. I have always worked hard to reach my goal but life circumstances required me to work two jobs while going to schools, giving me useful skills and gaining valuable experiences along the way.

My volunteering work and being exposed in medical related volunteering work can show how passionate I am to help my fellow men and women with kinds of medical services I would have provided to my paralyzed dad a cancer patient.

I have always taken good care of my mom. She had played a major role of reminding our past situation and where we stand now.

List of Volunteering work experience:

Volunteered at K. Cancer Institute as a patient transporter.


  • Transport patients from the Main Entrance to Patient room or area via Wheelchair.
  • Transport Patients from their room to the Main Entrance via Wheelchair.
  • Transport Blood, Specimens, Medical Records Chart, Equipment, Paperwork, and other Materials throughout the Facility
  • Record Activates on a Transport log sheet and submitted log sheet to Transport director at the end of their shift.
  • Maintained and protects Patients rights under the HIPAA Privacy Standards
  • Go to patient room and help them into the wheelchair.
  • Always asked and checked the name on their wristband to make sure I have the correct patient.
  • Helped carry patient’s personal belongings for them.
  • Traveled to all different parts of the hospital and learned about different departments.


Volunteered at S. Hospital at the Radiology department

  • Assisted Technicians / Technologists in prepping rooms prior to patient arrival including pulling patients information up the computer, bringing patient into the x-ray room, assisting in sliding of patient, and positioning of patient. Post patient, cleaned rooms, change linens, and made sure room is in order for next patient.  Other duties include stocking rooms, linens, and supplies. Also, I had the opportunity to help in CAT scan, Nuclear Medicine, or Ultrasound depending on Departmental needs.


Membership/Leadership Experience

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences – Student                 03/10-Present

Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Student Association,                                   01/10-12/11

BPS Student Association – Founder & President                                               09/09-12/11

Pre-Medical Student Association                                                                      01/09-12/11

Muslim Student Association – Community Outreach                              08/09-08/2010


Special and Important Skills

Computer skills are excellent. I am fluent in Bengali, Urdu, Arabic and Hindi. I am

experienced in handling confidential paperwork and thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere. My

clerical and organizational skills are impeccable. I have completed blood borne pathogen and

CPR training. I have the ability to follow instructions well and make decisions independently.


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