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Keeping a journal does not require formal writing. Like inkshedding, journaling invites you to write non-stop for ten minutes. You will want to revise your text, however. Check for spelling errors and so on. Format the text to present it to your best advantage. Read a chapter of Asking the Right Questions and write a response. Write the response in a Word file and save it or, if you write the entry directly into the Journal, save your text as a draft once in a while to avoid losing the material. Write one entry for each chapter. Employ the authors’ names in the entry. For example, you might begin an entry by writing: Browne and Keeley identify several criteria for evaluating the quality of an argument. Employ the authors’ language when writing your journal entries. Using their vocabulary furthers your ability to discuss critical analysis of texts in your writing. You will also find that your vocabulary in your inkshedding and essay writing becomes more complex.

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