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choose one of these screenings, write a 2 pages textual analysis Blog. Your analysis is not merely a reflection or description, nor is it a review, but an interpretation of the text of the TV show. This interpretation should be entirely original and represent your own interpretation of the show.Think of these entries as the equivalent of academic blog posts, or short critical pieces for an elite popular press outlet or scholarly journal. Remember, these are critiques and not recaps! (For some examples of this type of critical analysis, see Antenna blog, Flow Journal, or In Media Res; NY Times writers David Carr, Bill Carter, etc; television critics like Maureen Ryan, James Poniewozik, Alan Sepinwall, my former officemate: Myles McNutt; or the blogs of any of the assigned authors). Your critical analysis should be a close reading of the TV as a text. I think that many of you should be familiar with what a close reading or textual analysis is from other Film and Media Studies or maybe English/Literature classes.
screenings: Twenty One; Marty; I Love Lucy;
All in the Family; Good Times; 21 Jump Street;
Degrassi Next Generation; The Larry Sanders
Show; Homeland/Hatufim; Mae West’s Adam &

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