Writing Literacy Memoir

As we have already discussed in class, your history as a writer is very unique.  There isn’t a single person in the classroom with the same story, experiences, or abilities.  That said, we are all writers.  You may not believe that, but it is true – trust me.
For your first essay, you are to write a “history of you as a writer”.  The assignment is called “Writing Literacy Memoir” for a reason.  To be “literate” in something doesn’t always mean knowing how to read; being “literate” simply means being able to do something at a certain level.  You are “literate” in writing, but how did you get that way?  Who helped you?  What do you do to be a successful writer?  What are your pitfalls?  In this essay, you want to tell us the story of you as a writer and express your feelings on writing.  You can also discuss process, environment, etc.

•    Use first-person pronoun “I”
•    Strong grammar, punctuation, and spelling
•    Good organization, details, critical thinking
•    MLA Header

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