Find one or two sources or more, but at least one.Read the following carefully. Try to answer as many questions as you can in your essay.There has been A LOT of media coverage on the possibility of xenophobic violence in S. Africa now that the World Cup is over. How are the news sources you are looking at covering this topic? What are they saying about it? How do they define xenophobia? Find an article. Describe the main points of your article. Try to begin to be critical of the media’s coverage on this topic. Ask yourself the following questions as you read through the articles you find:
1) who counts as a “foreigner” in these accounts?
2) What are the consequences of that distinction?
3) What does nationalism have to do with it?
4) What are the “basic services” being argued over?
5) What is the context of the violence? In other words, where does it take place and what are the material conditions of the areas?
6) Have you ever heard the term “xenophobia” used in other contexts?
7) Why don’t they call discrimination in the United States against immigrants “xenophobic”?
8) How is the “human” and “human rights” being talked about in your various pieces, by the writer or by the folks she/he interviews?
9) If this violence was against other s. African citizens, how might it be covered differently?
10) Why do you this story emerges as the counterpoint of the celebratory World Cup story? it’s literally being covered side-by-side in S. Africa…on the one hand there is this international, global event and celebration and then folks fighting in the same area over basic services. How are these two related?

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