Yeats, “Leda and the Swan” peom

Look at the intersection of violence and love that we see in the poem. Specifically, what sort of commentary is the poet making on the nature of the relationship between violence and love? Do you/should we agree with him, and what are the consequences of this (dis)agreement?

This paper requires outside sources. use at least 3 academic interpretations of the poem.

Make sure you tell your reader how/why this poem matters while you answer the question about violence and love.

A strong thesis that argues a point, that tells why the point matters, that situates the point in a context and/or response, and that tells the reader why she should care. This should come within the first paragraph or two so that the reader knows what to expect.

Detailed analysis of the poem to support your points. Look carefully at line breaks, at word choice, at ambiguity in the poem. Analyze figurative language where necessary. Quote generously and interpret all quotations (and introduce them, too). Make sure you are analyzing and not summarizing the poem and the outside sources. Define terms when necessary.

An accurate Works Cited page and correctly cited and formatted in-text citations.

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