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A Kindness I Have Done for Someone





A Kindness I Have Done for Someone

There is nothing as good as being kind to someone. Well, kindness is the best gift to humanity. You can have everything including all the wealth and be the Bill Gates and the Warren Buffets of the world today, but the world will only remember you if you were able to give back to the society. This had never before sunk in my head until the day that our neighbor got into a mishap and I had to get into the mess. This is the true story of how it happened.

Friday March 18, 2008 is a day I will live to remember. I had just arrived from school and was now on a weekend mood. It was one of the ordinary Friday evenings and so the usual thing I would do was to take a stroll round the compound and watch over all the activities in the neighborhood. While walking around the compound, I saw some smoke rising in the air and noted that it was from the neighborhood. To be precise, the smoke was coming from Mr. Fernando’s house that was about a hundred meters away from wherever I was. My curiosity arose further as I had never seen anyone in the estate burning litter or anything that could produce such huge volumes of smoke. I decided to go to the neighbor’s house and find out if really something wrong was happening.

The gate at Mr. Fernando’s house was closed and a padlock placed on the gate. My conscience told me to get in using any means I could. I had to instruct my younger brother who was with me to call for help from any neighbors that could have been around and help in case there was need for any help. After getting over the gate, I reached the house and actually discovered that the house was really set on fire. I then remembered Mrs. Fernando had a culture of leaving his young baby in the house whenever she left for the nearby market every evening. She actually had left the home about fifteen minutes before and gone to the market to purchase some milk for the little Todd.

Within a short period, I could hear a baby crying and it rang in my mind that Todd was actually in the burning house. I weighed several options in the shortest time possible and thought that I should find a way of getting Todd out of the house. By these time a few more neighbors had already gotten to the seen and we were about five. I told them of my intention to get to the house and come out with Todd but they objected and warned me not to take such a risky action. I decided that I would go against their wishes and save Todd. I looked around and saw for anything that I could use to get into the house. Luckily, I saw an old blanket that was lying on the ground a few meters from the door. I swiftly ran, picked the old blanket, and swung with speed into the house. Before other neighbors that were around could block me from getting in, I was done and was out with Baby Todd who sustained minor injuries ion the fire.

I handed over Todd to one of my neighbors and was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment. Today, there is a mark on my back that always reminds me of this experience. Well, I had to get the injuries but I would never forget this incident. The mark remains but I will never feel the pain of getting the mark as today, Even as days go by and my age continues advancing, this will always be an incident to remember. I have always smiled whenever I meet Todd. I am today revered more than any wealthy person in the estate we live in because of the brave action I took to save Todd during the inferno. Todd is now four years old and will always remember of his narrow death escape.

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